Balqon Partnership Presents Generally Electric Transport BLQN.BB – OTC.BB

HARBOR CITY,Guest Posting Calif. — April 24, 2012 — Balqon Partnership (OTCBB: BLQN), a designer of electric drive framework innovations for business electric vehicles, today declared the fruitful improvement of a battery controlled all electric 14 traveler electric Transport, that consolidates Balqon electric drive framework, lithium battery framework and charging framework into an E-450 body. This new vehicle likewise consolidates quick charging framework utilizing Balqon EQON restrictive quick charger that can charge the vehicle in under one hour from 80% profundity of release.

Balqon Partnership Zero Outflow EQ0 14 based on E-450 undercarriage is intended to move 14 travelers in a characterized course transport activity like Air terminals, Colleges, Lodgings and army installations. The EQO14 consolidates Balqon Partnership’s exclusive electric vehicle drive framework, which envelops total power the executives, impetus, and power discussion frameworks and incorporates drive trains and energy frameworks (i.e., lithium batteries and a charging framework).

“Expansion of quick charge capacities gives client capacity autonomous driving to increment everyday scope of the vehicle in characterized course markets, for example, Air terminal Parking garage Transports and School Transports,” said Mr. Balwinder Samra, President and Chief of Balqon Company. “Capacity to opportunity charge the vehicle during everyday outings makes EQO 14 a suitable option in contrast to petroleum derivative controlled items presently being used at Air terminals” he added.”

The EQO 14 traveler electric transport can convey up to 14 travelers, with a scope of 80 miles on a solitary charge, with capacity to completely charge the vehicle in under 60 minutes. The vehicle additionally shows under 69 db in clamor level and consolidates the most recent inactive shut off advancements that increment energy protection during vehicle standing by. The new vehicle integrates Balqon Partnership’s restrictive lithium battery the executives framework, Speedy Shift 300 volt AC Drive innovation, programmed transmission and quick charging framework.

About Balqon Company
Settled in Harbor City, California, Balqon Company is a main engineer of zero-outflows electric drive frameworks, lithium battery frameworks and medium to hard core electric vehicles. Balqon’s exclusive electric drive framework envelops total power the board, impetus, transition vector engine regulators and energy frameworks. Balqon electric vehicles and drive frameworks are advertised universally to organizations, legislatures and districts searching for feasible and powerful methods for decreasing their vehicle support and working expenses and lower fossil fuel byproducts. Balqon is perceived as a trailblazer in business electric vehicle innovation and improvement of energy productive transportation arrangements.

Safe Harbor Proclamation Under the Confidential Protections Suit Change Demonstration of 1995
Except for verifiable data, the issues examined in this official statement, including without limit, the business feasibility of Balqon Partnership’s all electric EQ0 14, are forward looking explanations that imply various dangers and vulnerabilities. The genuine future aftereffects of Balqon Organization could contrast from those assertions. Factors that could cause or add to such contrasts incorporate, however are not restricted to, client acknowledgment of the EQO 14; unanticipated specialized issues; the capacity of Balqon Company to foster a market presence; Balqon Enterprise’s capacity to draw in adequate capital and work to make its items; the capacity of Balqon Partnership to draw in and hold skilled people; unfavorable financial and economic situations; the extended future interest for Balqon Enterprise’s items, including yard farm vehicles and drive frameworks; changes in innovation and legislative guidelines and strategies; and different occasions, factors and dangers beforehand and occasionally revealed in Balqon Company’s filings with the Protections and Trade Commission, including, explicitly, those elements set out in the “Hazard Variables” segment of Balqon Partnership’s latest Yearly Report on Structure 10-K recorded with the Protections and Trade Commission.